I Love You Poems – Poem about LOVE

I Love You Poems - Poem about LOVE


I Love You Poems – Poem about LOVE” . ‘LOVE’ this one word can unite the whole world no matter which part of the world you live in. Love is a feeling which can be felt only. We can’t see that feeling just as we can’t see the air however we can express that feeling of love to whomsoever we like. There are many people in our life that we love like parents, children’s, friends etc.

I Love You Poems - Poem about LOVE
I Love You Poems – Poem about LOVE

There are various ways of expressing the feeling of love. We can express our feelings by showing how much we care for that person; we can show express that feeling by doing selfless help. Some people get into fight more with the person he or she loves the most which is also one way of expressing the feelings. But out of all one and very old way of showing our love is ‘poem’.

I Love You Poems

Just as feeling of love is universal, way of showing love by poem is also universal. You can find great poets from almost every country of the world. You can also find poets from all era. Whether it’s modern or historical.

Poets are the person which are like goes deep into the ocean and finds the diamond. They play with the word only but the difference is that they add feeling to their words which connects well to the people. Almost each and every topic is being expresses as a poem, like love for nature, love for god, love for society, love for county, love for education etc. But the most famous of all the topic will be that one person whom we love and can do anything for him/her.
Yes, the souls mate. What do you require more after love and poems? Even just thinking of the pictures brings smile on the faces so it’s a very powerful experience one can experience.

I Love You Poems – Poem about LOVE

And there is another love and poem combination which we often ignore. Yes the love of birds with the nature! Have you ever watched birds flying in the very morning? It looks like they are communicating with nature in their own way. Sometimes it looks like they are singing and showing their love to nature.

Have you ever been with a Born Baby? They don’t have any languages, they don’t understand any languages but if baby is crying and you start any poem, baby will stop crying!
So we can see that every creature have a close relation with poem. We can’t ignore the importance of poem in different songs though but it is there from centuries.

I Love You Poems – Poem about LOVE

We provide beautiful poems on love to share with your love here soon. Visit us often to see wonderful articles on poems about love so that you can use them to share your love for your girlfriend boyfriend husband wife lover partner any one easily and in a sweet simple manner.

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